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Mike Trentini is a child molester            

This is website is a long time coming and will be a work in progress. There is a lot to tell and both setting aside the physical time to develop it and the emotions and memories the writing generates is hard to handle. Some days it is harder than others but I am strong enough (now) to complete it so come back and come back often.
I am not a gifted writer, as you will be able to tell, and so this site will also serve as the notes for the unnamed ghostwriter working on the book due out late next year, 2014, regarding Mike Trentini, the Suffolk County Police, the 5th precinct, the cover-up etc.

about mike trentini

His name is Mike Trentini, formally Sgt. Michael Trentini of the Suffolk County NY Highway Patrol Unit, before that, a patrol officer in the COPE Unit of the 5th precinct in Patchogue NY and he physically and sexually abused me and got away with it until now.

  • Justice for me was never served (justice, what a stupid meaningless overused word) as Mike Trentini goes on happily about his life and career, even being promoted to Sergeant after Suffolk County Internal Affairs said my claims could be neither proved or disproved. The word “disproved” was the only thing I had to hold on to, the only thing that told me that maybe somewhere along the line somebody was on my side. Hardly.
  • Who was I?
    I was a young female ‘police explorer’, simply compared as a junior volunteer police officer exploring a career in law enforcement. I was also related by marriage to the man who physically and sexually abused me, the aforementioned Sgt. Michael Trentini of the Suffolk County NY Highway Patrol Unit, before that, a patrol officer in the COPE Unit of the 5th precinct in Patchogue NY, first in car 54 then on Bicycle Patrol.
  • I will admit:
    I was perhaps more than the usual naive child between 15 and 18 years old in the mid 1990’s at the time and I “allowed” an entire Department of Police Officers to “get over on me”. An entire department which included Inspectors, Detectives, Lieutenants, Sergeants and Patrol Officers. How did they do this? They were all police officers, something I wanted to be, and I believed what they had to say. I believed them when I told officers about the abuse and said they would help me, I believed them when they said they could not interview non-officer witnesses because this was just a police matter. I believed everything they had to say.
  • What they (ALL) did not account for:
    They simply did not account for a child growing up into an adult, they lived for the moment, they confronted the present, saw the period of time pass and thought they had a successful victory of covering up and getting away with it and did not account for the future.
  • The future is now, I did not simply get older, I got not only smarter and wiser but confident and strong. I am stronger than Mike Trentini and I am stronger than the Suffolk County Police Department. I am no longer a scared little girl cowering to every man I come across because I assumed they would all be abusers. I will not be quiet and I will now get my own form of well deserved “justice”.
  • Mike Trentini, formally Sgt. Michael Trentini of the Suffolk County NY Highway Patrol Unit, before that, a patrol officer in the COPE Unit of the 5th precinct in Patchogue NY, this page is in your name and each word is dedicated to you, each word. You did not silence me, you did not get away with the physical and sexual abuse like you think you did. I am here, yelling to reach all that will hear me. THIS PAGE IS IN YOUR NAME, IT IS DEDICATED TO YOU, EACH WORD IS TRUE AND IT IS YOURS TO HAVE, TO KEEP, TO FOLLOW YOU WHEREVER YOU GO LIKE YOUR ABUSE DID TO ME. THIS PAGE IS IN YOUR NAME.
  • An Invitation:
    I invite you, Mike Trentini, to be unhappy about what I have to reveal about you on this webpage in your name, I invite you to call an attorney and say I am defaming you. I invite you to bring me into a court of law; we can get everything out in the open away from your corrupt police associates and in front of a judge, a jury, whoever you like. I am excited to tell my story, I am no longer afraid of you.
  • Mike, let’s refresh your memory:
    The first time you molested me, you were in the basement of your house at 27 Patrician Street, Holbrook NY, you had a bunch of people at your house that day. Remember, the Craps table and the Slot Machines as well as the other “games” you had? It was there as I was watching you gamble with your guests at the Craps table where you first molested me, the first time I was paralyzed with disbelief but was still able to squirm away from you until you grabbed me again. I fought with you as what was happening seemed to be invisible to all but one person, the only person to this day who was the only one to ever help me. He is your cousin, Tommy Trentini, he saw what you were doing to me and in a scolding voice he asked “What are you doing to her?!?!”, his words I will never forget. This was the first time I told myself your abuse was poor judgment and you would never do it to me again. But you did and I repeated to myself: this time would be the last time and your abuse and molestation continued, week after week, month after month and each time I thought, this time would be the last time. And years passed and each time I would try and comfort myself: this time would be the last time.
  • We're Going To Las Vegas:
    Sounds like fun right? It wasn't and I knew it wasn't going to be and I was forced to go by my family, I was only 16 and they would never let me stay home alone while they were vacationing but that is what I wished for. All I was thinking was, "wow! I get to be molested in another state, I get to be beaten and terrified across the country in an area I was completely unfamiliar with surrounded by Mike Trentini's family, who were strangers to me".  I knew I had to go no matter how much I protested, with Mike himself even trying to convince me.
    Now here I am in the kitchen of Mike Trentini, 27 Patrician Street in Holbrook NY, the same house where I was first molested with two members of my family and my molester. We were eating pizza, three people who were trying to convince me to go to Las Vegas when I shouted, louder than I ever shouted and I looked directly into Mike Trentini's eyes as I am yelling "I DON'T WANT TO GO! I DON'T WANT TO GO BECAUSE OF YOU! WHY DON'T YOU TELL THEM WHAT YOU DO TO ME!"
    He was stunned, for the first time I stunned him right back, he looked terrified for the first time and like a fool at the same time - he was wide eyed, looking directly back at me...with pizza hanging out of his mouth. I was strong at that moment but I was still weak and ran out of the house, I lived less than a mile away and I ran home.

  • We're Going To Las Vegas, really, we are going:
    When I agreed to go without complaint, I was cold.
    It was my time to work in the 5th precinct on the front desk and I was there with the Officer's I had worked the desk with many times before, answering phones and entering reports into the computer when Mike Trentini came in and told me to come on a ridealong with him in his police car, COPE 54. I wanted to go, I loved ridealongs, Police Explorers always wanted to go out on patrol, it was interesting which was why I felt partially that I couldn't say no in front of the desk officers. And so I went, knowing it was going to be trouble.
    I finally agreed to go to Las Vegas on the ridealong, there was no physical touching, no molestation or beating me into agreeing. I agreed because I was cold, freezing actually. It was winter time, maybe 30 degrees outside so it didn't seem odd to me why Mike Trentini was wearing his SCPD issued winter coat, Police Explorers weren't issued a winter coat, just one spring jacket. I had this jacket on when we reached Nicolls Road going towards Blue Point when Mike Trentini rolled down all the windows except his own in his COPE 54 police car and turned the air conditioning on and sped up and down Nicolls Road forcing freezing air into the car, up and down, faster and faster until I said yes. Cold, I agreed to go.

  • In Las Vegas Mike Trentini Gambles and Wins:
    Mike Trentini wins $5000.00, I think it was at the craps table since it is his favorite game, the same game that was in his homes' basement where he held illegal 5th precinct police officer gambling parties.
    To commemorate the winning, Mike Trentini gets his picture taken with the check wearing a stupid grin. I saw the picture in his parents Las Vegas home, Walter and Maureen Trentini, I was sitting on the steps leading to the upstairs pretending to be impressed. And yes, I was impressed upon, sitting on the stairs, close to the wall so people could still get by, Mike Trentini sits behind me, moving me over with his legs so I am now sitting between his legs on the step below. Mike Trentini reaches into the front of my shirt, into my bra and presses and grabs my left breast with his left hand. Great way to celebrate Mr. Police Officer Mike Trentini, molest a 16 year old girl in your parents home. This is the address:
    Walter and Maureen Trentini
    3086 Spokane Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121
    6108 Tatinger, Las Vegas, NV 89122

  • I Don't Drink Alcohol:
    I don't drink, I never have, never will. I've repeated that hundreds of times, maybe thousands. It's always followed by disbelief and stupid questions like "not even a champagne toast at a wedding?". And the answer is always no, never. But I am lying, I lie every time and think about Mike Trentini, the animal he is and what he did to me everytime! I have had alcohol before, not yesterday, not on my 21st birthday and not by choice, I was 16, Mike Trentini fed me alcohol without my knowing. I was at Mike's house, there was a pool in his backyard and it was a hot day, company was coming over later in the afternoon. I was helping with some chores, I was vacuuming the pool and he came over with a red, fruity, icy drink. I knew he was making strawberry daiquiris and I asked if there was alcohol and he told me no. I was smart enough to ask he was dumb enough to lie but then again I was dumb enough to drink it anyway and ended up having a few that morning.
    Surprise, surprise, the Suffolk County Police Officer gives a little girl alcohol at his house and she passes out cold. Mike Trentini put me in his bed, I remember this but I was extremely groggy. I hear him yell out to the other person in the house saying "I'm going to take a nap". This idiotic grown man, a police officer was obsessed with naps, he even had NAP TIME as a vanity license plate on his car. As drunk as I was and passing in and out of being conscience, overhearing him say he was taking a nap, closing the bedroom door and then climb into bed with me, even in my state I knew the situation was bizarre and trouble but I was unable to help myself and I passed out completely.

  • My Father Died:
    I was 18 when my father passed away, I didn’t cry until many years later. I was in a fog, dealing with my own self, distracted by the abuse that was going on in my life, I lived in a constant state of distraction and disbelief: this was my brother in law, my sisters husband, a police officer and well liked individual and before all of this he was my friend.

    Standing at my father’s funeral, through my distraction I had a conscience thought as I was not looking at my fathers casket but watching Mike Trentini hold and comfort my sister. He was crying, this man, this police officer, this physical and sexual abuser was crying at my fathers funeral. I didn’t get it, why was he crying? He is a phony and a hypocrite, he is crying at the death of my father, Mike abuses me, Mike molests me and he cries at my father’s funeral. To me, this turned him into more of a monster. This is my father and he has no right to grieve or pretend to grieve or seek comfort because of this death. Even today I feel hypocrite was the right word to use in my thoughts back then and the confusion of why he cried still lingers.

  • Who Knew?:
    There was a police cover-up, these are not exaggerated words, there was a true police cover-up. From Inspector Martin Raber, 5th precinct to literally every 5th precinct officer and detective to Lieutenants in Internal Affairs in Yaphank NY.

    Is it time to name (more) names? Yes.

    As a child volunteering in a police station I made what I thought were friends, they were police officers of the 5th precinct in Patchogue, NY, and they took an interest in me so I thought. I would confide in them in what was happening with me at the hands of their fellow officer. There was one Sergeant at the time (promoted to Lieutenant after the cover-up), Sgt Warren Savage, who was particularly vocal about how he would help me if and when I wanted. On multiple occasions, the “same” conversations would occur between us, which now seems oddly repetitive. I would tell Warren Savage about the abuse and he would reply with something like “Do you want me to pull him aside?” or “Next time he does it I am going to kick his ass!”. These statements would scare me (as if I wasn’t already scared enough) and I would almost beg “please no, don’t do anything” “don’t say anything” and as I mentioned earlier, I always thought Mike Trentini would never do it again and I repeated this also to Warren Savage “it is not going to happen again”. I truly believed each time he molested me was the last time.

  • What should have happened with Warren Savage?
    In hindsight, I can see it now, as an adult with nieces and nephews, I can see it now. I was a child, just a kid, a short petite little girl who was reaching out for help whether I knew it or not. Suffolk County Police ‘Sgt. turned Lt.’ Savage should have done what he was sworn to, what he was paid to do, follow through on the Police Officer Clichés: “Protect and Serve”, “Uphold the Law”. Instead he went with another Cop cliché: “Nothing to See Here”.

  • I finally asked for help from Warren Savage:
    After the initial cover up in the 5th precinct when I was a Police Explorer I eventually went and reported my molestation and abuse claims against Mike Trentini to Suffolk County Internal Affairs in Patchogue, where the cover-up continued.

    I went in alone, sat in an interrogation room alone for what seemed like hours until two male officers came in to take my statement, which was recorded. Again I was fooled by Police thinking someone was actually going to help me, but this time I had faith in them, not like last time where I thought officers were my friends. They asked me for list of names of officers in the 5th precinct who knew, who I told what was going on and among those names was Warren Savage. In my heart I believed, after all of what Warren Savage said, what he said he would do, I believed he was going to come forward, step up and tell the truth. But he didn’t. It was relayed to me by an Internal Affairs Lieutenant that Warren Savage said to him during the course of the investigation “I think he grabbed her leg once”. What does that mean? He grabbed my leg once? Warren Savage: I ask you, is this the way to stick with the ‘blue wall of silence’ while soothing your conscience so you can still sleep at night? Do you feel better?

  • Jeff Linn vs. Mike Trentini:

    Is it Linn? Lynn? Lynne? I really don’t know, even when I was friendly with Jeff Linn I didn’t know how to spell his name. He was a Crime Control Detective in the 5th precinct, I would go on “ride-alongs” with him, as I did with other officers. He wasn’t well liked among his fellow officers, even now I am not sure why but I was a kid eager to learn about police work and wanted to ride in a police car. I already had “experience” in marked cars and Jeff Linn was my chance in an unmarked car, and so we rode, and talked. He seemed fine, nothing really out of the ordinary with him in the beginning. I told him as I did with other officers about the sexual abuse from Mike Trentini and he seemed concerned and interested. As I mentioned we would ride and talk, we got along well until Jeff, who was married, showed a romantic interest in me. I would get flowers and phone calls which I politely rebuffed. I was just a kid and he had to be in his 40s I guess. You can imagine how “old” someone is and seems when you are 16.

    Jeff Linn ended up writing me a letter of which I barely remember, it was pages and pages long written in black ink on Suffolk County Police Department paper, white paper with black lines on it.

    In it included mentions of him knowing about the abuse from Mike Trentini, how much he liked me, him being on a stakeout and writing the letter and how after I’ve read it I should rip it up as it could ruin his career, and that it did.

    How convenient for Mike Trentini to find it in my car, a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix. For some reason or other I had it tucked under the passenger seat where he found it, read it and took it. He told me he took it, he told me photocopied it and hid copies all over the precinct - as if I was going to cower and be afraid because of his power play and for the first time strength came over me, after all I hadn’t done anything wrong, I received a letter and I did not reciprocate the thoughts or feelings in it. Mike Trentini saw my strength for the first time albeit brief, and what he did is something I will never forget. He apologized to me for the abuse, his exact words were “I am sorry for what I did to you” saying it as it happened only once and so long ago, it was a joke to me but it let me know he was afraid and knew he had something to lose.

    So just when you thought Mike Trentini couldn’t get any worse with physical and sexual abuse, he did. Since Mike read the letter, he found out that I was telling his fellow officers about his abuse and he turned it all around and he forced all the focus onto Jeff Linn and myself. Mike was a charmer and well liked where Jeff was not and he abused this and got one over on everyone, the whole precinct, all the officers he fooled should all feel like jerks because that is what Mike took them for. Even now thinking back, the entire 5th precinct was taken in by Mike Trentini, listened to what he had to say and they ALL believed him, Inspectors, detectives, sergeants and officers, some of whom were supposed to be accomplished men, they all believed him…what a bunch of bananas! Simpletons of the boys club is what they were.

    What are some of the things that Mike said? He told people Jeff and I were having a full, blown out affair which was the farthest from the truth. I was a child who rebuffed what I though was an old man and even if age didn’t have anything to do with it. I just wasn’t interested. Is that who I was at 16? A home-wrecker?  People were calling me a home-wrecker, I didn’t even know what that was. Having sex with a married man more than twice my age with children? YES! This is exactly how I was spending my time, going to high school, volunteering at a police station, working, being sexually abused and home wrecking. The simpletons of the boys club thought so.

  • So what happened to Jeff Linn?
    From what I heard, for his letter writing and written mention of him possibly helping me regarding Mike Trentini and his sexual abuse…he was put out on disability.
  • Other names?
    It's amazing how much training goes into a Police Officer, tests, physical and mental just for a chance at becoming an officer and then throughout ones career and again to advance a career in the department. Tests and training, tests and training...and then to see how the skills, training and sworn oaths be purposefully displaced and ignored.

    So what sworn Officers and men of rank ignored and abetted Mike Trentini by not helping a sexually and physically abused child? To name a few:
    Kenny Roche
    Lieutenant Bob Ponzo
    - (Promoted to Captain) I had a real respect for this man back then, he was always kind to me and I spent a lot of time with his two sons who were also Police Explorers along with me and have also been to his home in Medford NY. As it turns out this man is full of cover-ups regarding another crooked 5th precinct officer, one that even required a transfer, for the full story click here: On Friday, Gallagher transferred Capt. Robert Ponzo...
    Lieutenant Hendrickson
    Sgt Kurt Paschke
    - You can't blame this guy for not helping a molested child, he couldn't even control his own offspring, his son went to jail for murder and is now a convicted killer. Killer Kurt Jr. was again in the news recently: "Jets Fan Punches Female Patriots Fan", read about both stories here: FOX NEWS.  BUT WAIT...there is good news, Kurt Paschke, Holbrook NY, is now retired and doing security, you too can be guarded by a crooked cop and his ex-con family, find him here on LINKED IN!
    OH! and Mrs. Paschke, delusional, naive, Mrs. Paschke, your husband is a cheat, cheated on you countless times, even with a butchy looking woman, Kerry I think her name was, in the 5th precinct Crime Control whom the other officers nicknamed FUPA for "Fucking Ugliest Person Alive".
    Scot Devine - 22 Holly Rd, Oakdale, NY 11769
    This guy is a real piece of work, a God fearing, super religious, righteous cop who would blessed his MacDonald's during his mealtime and greet you with "I was just praying for you". You would think this guy would help an abused and molested child, one that would babysit his children and had joined him on ridealongs in his police car but NO, HE DIDNT. He is just another fraud in the Suffolk County Police Department and another fraud in my own Religion.
    Sam / Samuel / Sammy Barreto - His name change either depends on how he wants to make himself appear or it could be he is in the middle of an identity crisis. An identity crisis is totally possible: Good cop or bad cop? Running for Sherriff since he thinks he was perfect or a Police officer and Explorer leader ignoring a molested girl in his charge.

  • More to some soon...
    This is website is a long time coming and will be a work in progress
    . There is a lot to tell and both setting aside the physical time to develop it and the emotions and memories the writing generates is sometimes hard to handle. Some days are harder than others but I am strong enough (now) to complete it so come back and come back often.

COMING SOON: Inspired by the election, we have all seen the roads littered with the small campaign signs stuck into the grass or dirt...keep an eye out for signs from the east end of Long Island, into NYC and up into Westchester.

About Sammy Barreto

Sam Barreto For Sheriff

Running for Suffolk County NY Sherriff in 2013? Seriously?

Would you vote for a man:
- Who boasts about a successful 25 year law enforcement career yet in his roughly 5th year ignored a molested little girls pleas?
- Who knew a sex crime was taking place?
- By a Police Officer in his same COPE unit?
- With whom he shared ‘Police Explorer’ responsibilities with?
- Who participated in a precinct-wide cover up regarding his fellow officer?
- Who lied to investigators when questioned by Suffolk County Internal affairs?
- Who has a little girl of his own and can still cleanly look her in the eye?

Go ahead, vote for him, his name is Sam Barreto.

If Samuel Barreto wants to brag about his 25+ years experience of being a Police Officer lets go back 20 years when he was a leader of the Suffolk County Police Explorers, SCPD 5th precinct in Patchogue along with other officers like Mike Trentini, Scott Devine among others. The main leader of the Police Explorers, Mike Trentini, sexually molested and abused a child, a young female Explorer under Sammy’s nose (I knew him as Sammy) for years, in the precinct, outside of the precinct, in Trentini’s police car, COPE 54 which was also Samuel Barreto’s unit. He and other officers knew about the abuse all the way from the top like Inspector Martin Raber, Sergeants, and Detectives and NO ONE did anything about it. There was a cover up in the precinct, unjust blame was shifted to an innocent albeit creepy officer, and then again another cover up in Internal affairs in which I have letters that prove an investigation was done on Mike Trentini for sexual assault and molestation and that other officers knew including Samuel Barreto.

You see, what happened: this molested a child grew up and I am no longer the abused, naïve, afraid little girl. I grew up to be a productive, successful, well connected adult who is no longer afraid of the SCPD and I will no longer be quiet. I am stronger than the “ignorant playing” Samuel Barreto, I am stronger than Mike Trentini and I am stronger than the ENTIRE SCPD.

Like the other officers I have come into contact, Samuel Barreto is corrupt and I will now start to make a lot of noise and will be naming (more) names in news outlets from all over NY and all over the web. Corruption is where he comes from and now it will be known. I’m actually amused he thinks he would be an unscathed elected official – a Sherriff to watch over an entire department of deputies when he can’t even help an abused child under his direction as an Explorer from an Officer in is COPE unit. All included think they are in the clear, all thought they were able to get away with something, many things. They didn’t. I am now prepared to go full force!

As for the paperwork I mentioned regarding the sexual abuse and molestation from Mike Trentini Police Explorer Co-Manager and Officer in Samuel Barreto’s 5th precinct COPE unit will be up on the web shortly, complete with the SCPD Yaphank Internal Affairs letterhead. In addition to ‘’ coming soon: ‘’ – both of which I own along with a host of other names like ‘’. I have A LOT to divulge.


An invitation to mike trentinti

An Invitation:
I invite you, Mike Trentini, to be unhappy about what I have to reveal about you on this webpage in your name, I invite you to call an attorney and say I am defaming you. I invite you to bring me into a court of law; we can get everything out in the open away from your corrupt police associates and in front of a judge, a jury, whoever you like. I am excited to tell my story, I am no longer afraid of you.